Day 8: Dress Shopping

ImageToday was the first warm day in a long time. It felt so nice to be able to walk outside without a heavy winter jacket on. I did not want to go home at all; I just wanted to stay outside all day. After spending most of my day outside, I came home, did some homework, and then headed to the mall with my mom. I had to get a semi-formal dress, gifts for my friend’s birthday, a piano dress, and any extra shopping for clothes that I could get in since it is in-between seasons.

I ended up getting everything except for a semi-formal dress. I am unbelievably in love with my piano dress. I was surprised to be able to find one on my first try. It is labeled as a prom dress and is the color of navy blue. There is beading on the shoulders and a cross in the back.


Day 2: Pancakes


Waking up this morning, my friend and I were both groggy. I had to leave quite early for a luncheon with my mom and her co-worker. But… I could not miss my friend’s mom’s homemade pancakes. Every time I sleepover, her mom always makes pancakes for breakfast. They are filled with vanilla and sugar so no syrup is really needed. Her mom packed me two and I ate them in the car on the way home. Mhmm delicious.

The amount of productive work I have done this weekend is a big fat zero. Part of me feels guilty for not doing anything and not getting ahead in work, but I really just needed this weekend to relax and have time for myself to think.

Day 1: Friendships are for Forever

Here comes another March and another round of Slice of Life. I have been looking forward to March since November, but recently, I have been dreading this month for a variety of reasons. Since this weekend was the only “free” weekend I will have for all of March, I decided to head down to my friend’s house in Spring Lake to just have a movie night.

It was sure an eventful day. We started off by going to town for lunch. I love Spring Lake town for its assortment of little boutiques and delicious cafés. We went to Ray’s Cafe for burgers before going to Koi Boutique. We were just glancing around before we saw the rings. Infinity rings. There happened to be two, one gold and one silver. We looked at each other and just knew we had to get it for each other. Friends are always there for you no matter what. Relationships  can go wrong and not last for a long time, but through thick and thin, friends are always there. That’s infinite love.

After shopping for a bit, we headed to the beach for a long talk about life on the boardwalk. Just as we were about to freeze, we ran home and had hot chocolate. For dinner, we made ourselves some pasta and heated up leftover pasta sauce and had a dinner date. Then, watched P.S. I Love You to cry our eyes out and to learn some life lessons.

Day 31: Reflection

Slice of life 2013 has been a great experience. I have not only learned ways to improve my own writing, but it has also given me examples of terrific writings by other writers. The poetry, the stories, the memoirs, they have all been wonderful to read. This experience has allowed me to see sides of people that may not be evident on a daily basis. It gave me an insight of their lives, and their thought processes. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s slice of life, whether it was funny, touching, or just plain.

Slice of life made me think more. It made me want to think of something from each and every day that could be creative, and if it was not, how to make it sound fun. It was not an easy task, but throughout the process, I felt that I had improved. I also tried to use different strategies to start, end, or even to write my slices. The tinkering has allowed me to realize which ones I am more comfortable with and what I can use in the future. Plus, slice of life has made me love to blog and share my ideas.

While some may be excited that slice of life is over so they do not have to write every day, I am sad to see the end. I honestly enjoyed writing, even if I may be brain dead and thoughtless at times. I can only hope for next year’s slice of life.

P.S. Stay tuned for another blog… possibly on travel and food!

Day 30: Skyfall

Skyfall (2012) Poster

Yesterday’s 17-hour drive home from Florida definitely wore my entire family out. A long sleep since two in the morning did not really help because I still felt tired the whole afternoon. Although I caught up on some homework, I was looking forward to watching a movie with my family. Skyfall was the first movie that we all agreed on.

Skyfall is another addition to the James Bond series that premiered in USA theaters on November 9, 2013. It describes the return of non-qualified agent James Bond to save his Secret Intelligence Service agency, MI6, and his boss, M from someone or something who is determined to destroy the agency. With skill, Bond discovers the person behind all the trouble. Raoul Silva. Silva used to work under M, as well, and was one of her most outstanding former agents. However, because of his hacking skills which led to problems with China, M was forced to let him go, leaving him to be tortured. After an attempt by Silva to kill M, James Bond brings M to his family estate and childhood home, Skyfall. There, Skyfall’s gamekeeper, Kincade, helps Bond and M set up traps to kill Silva, who would essentially be led there by an electronic trail. In the end, James Bond kills Silva and his recruits, M dies due to a severe wound, and Bond returns to the MI6 as a qualified agent.

Skyfall had some gruesome scenes which I did not watch because I am sensitive around them. The sound effects were phenomenal and definitely helped build up the suspense. I especially loved Adele’s “Skyfall.” The movie, overall, was action-packed and kept you on the edge of your seat. Definitely worth to watch.

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