Day 30: Skyfall

Skyfall (2012) Poster

Yesterday’s 17-hour drive home from Florida definitely wore my entire family out. A long sleep since two in the morning did not really help because I still felt tired the whole afternoon. Although I caught up on some homework, I was looking forward to watching a movie with my family. Skyfall was the first movie that we all agreed on.

Skyfall is another addition to the James Bond series that premiered in USA theaters on November 9, 2013. It describes the return of non-qualified agent James Bond to save his Secret Intelligence Service agency, MI6, and his boss, M from someone or something who is determined to destroy the agency. With skill, Bond discovers the person behind all the trouble. Raoul Silva. Silva used to work under M, as well, and was one of her most outstanding former agents. However, because of his hacking skills which led to problems with China, M was forced to let him go, leaving him to be tortured. After an attempt by Silva to kill M, James Bond brings M to his family estate and childhood home, Skyfall. There, Skyfall’s gamekeeper, Kincade, helps Bond and M set up traps to kill Silva, who would essentially be led there by an electronic trail. In the end, James Bond kills Silva and his recruits, M dies due to a severe wound, and Bond returns to the MI6 as a qualified agent.

Skyfall had some gruesome scenes which I did not watch because I am sensitive around them. The sound effects were phenomenal and definitely helped build up the suspense. I especially loved Adele’s “Skyfall.” The movie, overall, was action-packed and kept you on the edge of your seat. Definitely worth to watch.

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