Day 29: Red

Car rides are boring, especially when you have to drive 17 hours from Florida to New Jersey. As much as I love vacationing, the car rides are not much of a favorite. I usually sleep, listen to music, chat, and text on the car rides, especially this one. My parents decided to drive home directly instead of stopping at Virginia overnight so you can imagine the horror. So there I was, snapchatting friends and listening to Taylor Swift, when one of my friends sent me a snapchat of her on the car to Taylor Swift’s Red Tour at the Prudential Center. I immediately became jealous even though I already knew that she was going.

As mentioned before in my blog, my friends and I love Taylor Swift and country music. When Taylor Swift announced her Red tour, we all wanted to go. One friend was lucky enough to get tickets as her birthday present from her parents, but the rest of us could not get tickets in time. I really wished that I could attend Taylor Swift’s concert but my mom said that if I wanted to go I had to pay for my own ticket… Which would be expensive to say the least. So here I am, bored to death on the car, while my friend goes to Taylor Swift’s Red tour. I hope she has fun for all of us who could not go!



About Tiffany Y.

Welcome to my Slice of Life Challenge! My name is Tiffany Y. and I love to listen to music, to eat food, and to travel. This blog is a challenge for me to post about a piece of what happens in my life every day. "It's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just want to live while I'm alive." - Bon Jovi

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