Day 28: Tampa


After watching the intense Yankees game, my family headed to the Clearwater Beach. Compared to Miami, Clearwater Beach was filled with families instead of young adults. The beach itself was family-oriented as well, with less bars and more water sports. My mom told me that Clearwater Beach was known for having warm water, unlike Miami Beach’s cold water. Either she lied or the weather was still too cold because the water was icy cold. I could barely stand still in it. Clearwater Beach was not as pretty as Miami Beach, but it felt nice to stroll along the beach. The wind blew and the water rushed. It was a great experience.

Tonight marked my last dinner in Florida because my family will be heading back to New Jersey tomorrow. My mom and I searched reviews to find the most affordable and delicious restaurant in Tampa. We found a Cuban restaurant called Pipo’s Restaurant. We really wanted to eat paella before we left for home, so we called an hour ahead as the online menu requested. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not have any ingredients in stock, but we decided to go anyway. I expected it to be some fancy Cuban restaurant; instead, it was a casual yet traditional restaurant. It was kind of like Taiwan’s zi-zhu-can style restaurant where you ordered a main dish with two sides of your choice. We had fried pork, pork chop, shredded chicken, and roast chicken. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for people who want to get a taste of traditional Cuban food. For the sides, you must get the fried plantains because they were the best I have ever tasted!

Pipo's Restaurant

Once my family was satisfied and full, we happily left the restaurant and headed to the hotel. We stayed at the Embassy Suites Tampa – Airport/Westshore. It was a really nice hotel with an accessible amount of room so it did not feel crowded. They have complimentary breakfast, too! (They make omelettes based on the ingredients of your choice!)

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