Day 23: Spring Break

Spring, spring, spring, spring… The sound echoed through the multi-purpose room yesterday. Students counted down and chanted for the bell to ring. Once school let out, it marked the beginning of my 2013 spring break. I have exciting plans for this year’s break. My family decided to drive down and sight-see Florida. Basically, we are going to key west, Miami, and Tampa. I can’t wait! We started driving right after school yesterday and stopped for the night at Country Inn and Suites in Emporia, Virginia. It was a fantastic hotel. The service was incredible. We checked in at midnight and the person at the counter was so lively and friendly that it woke me right up from the long drive down. Breakfast this morning was fast and always hot because they constantly checked for refills and ice. If I had to rate the hotel, it would’ve gotten higher than a 5 star!

Today, we continued to drive down towards Florida and stopped for the night in Boca Raton, where we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Boca Raton, as shown below.

From the exterior, the hotel looked really fancy and cozy, as did the interior. Unfortunately, I felt like the woman at the front desk was judging my family because we were not dressed formally (most people who were staying there were business people). She sounded annoyed and aggravated when my parents asked simple questions, but immediately changed expressions when a business person asked her a question. I thought she was really rude and impolite, but in life, I will have to deal with people like that. The room had a king bed because they didn’t have any two doubles left so my brother had to sleep on the pull out bed. It has been a long day. Good night!



About Tiffany Y.

Welcome to my Slice of Life Challenge! My name is Tiffany Y. and I love to listen to music, to eat food, and to travel. This blog is a challenge for me to post about a piece of what happens in my life every day. "It's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just want to live while I'm alive." - Bon Jovi

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