Day 19: The Best of Me

The Best of Me

I am on a book marathon. I really am. I am addicted to books, so once I get hooked in, it is hard for me to stop. I finished another book today, The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. I first found about Nicholas Sparks after watching Dear John when it first came out. I researched him and found that he had written many other books that were not adapted into films. Well, I liked his movies, and I liked his stories, and so I decided to read some of his other not as well-known books. That was when I found The Best of Me at the library.

The Best of Me tells the twisted love story of Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole. One came from a rich single-child family, and the other came from the scariest family in town, the Coles. The duo fell in love in their junior year of high school, but were forced to leave each other in the end of their senior year because of the difference in family backgrounds. Both Amanda and Dawson led unexpected lives afterward. Dawson never married and worked on oil rigs. Amanda married to someone who would later become an alcoholic, and had four children, one of whom died early in age because of a brain tumor. However, the two were brought together again, twenty-five years later, by the death of the only person who approved of their relationship, Tuck Hostetler. This only made Dawson and Amanda realize the love that they both still had for each other. Their twisted and complicated relationship brings about only the unexpected, even the ending.

Parts of The Best of Me brought tears to my eyes. When Amanda left Dawson to be with her husband and family, my heart ached for Dawson. It is hard to forget the one you loved once, nonetheless twice. Dawson also led a horrific life. He grew up being beaten by his father and cousins. Returning to his hometown twenty-five years later infuriated his cousins, whose only goals were to kill him. And they did. Dawson took the bullet for Alan Bonner, whose dad was accidently murdered by Dawson in a car accident. In another town, Amanda’s eldest son, Jared, needed a replacement of his heart because of a car accident, as well. When Amanda heard the news of Dawson’s death, she quickly connected the dots and realized that Dawson had been the organ donor for Jared. This made me happy, yet sad. In a way, Dawson would continue to be lived through Jared, but Dawson also missed out on a life that he always wanted because of choices made for him and Amanda when they were young. The Best of Me was truly a touching story worth reading.

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  1. Hannah K

    Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors. He has a lot of good books out, so look for some of his other titles! Some of my favorites are “The Lucky One”, “Safe Haven”,and “True Believer”.

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