Day 8: Unexpected Things


Sometimes in life comes things that were not expected. Today’s snowstorm left just about everyone in shock. Expected the day before, everyone believed that the snowstorm had passed, especially since yesterday’s weather consisted of only rain. Little did they know what they would be waking up to this morning.

This morning, I woke up at my regular time to go to school. I was about to go downstairs for breakfast when I realized that something outside did not look quite right. It was white. It took me awhile to see that it was snow, not just some random white thing. Schools in New Jersey were preparing for delayed openings and even possible closed school days the day before. There was nothing planned in terms of rescheduling of the school day for today. As I went outside to my bus stop, I could not help but wonder if the storm would get worse. It had already snowed a solid three inches with the bottom layer as slush, and the snow was not stopping. It only got heavier and heavier.

Then, I got really stressful. My bus had not come. The snowplow had not come yet so many roads were still full of snow. Did I miss the bus? Was there a delayed opening that I was not informed about? The usual questions ran through my head. It was not until I contacted the rest of the people on my bus did I realize that my bus driver decided to take a delayed opening for herself. A delayed opening of thirty minutes. The bus ride to school was intense. My bus driver tends to speed when she is late, and today was no exception, even with the snow. We zoomed through roads that already been plowed. My bus arrived to school thirty minutes after the start of the day. This was expected, for my bus had often been late during the year.

If this snowstorm had arrived yesterday, maybe there would have been a delayed opening. Maybe it was because of its unexpectedness that caused schools to not be able to make any last minute cancellations. Regardless, unexpected things can be found quite frequently in life. We just have to learn how to deal with them.



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Welcome to my Slice of Life Challenge! My name is Tiffany Y. and I love to listen to music, to eat food, and to travel. This blog is a challenge for me to post about a piece of what happens in my life every day. "It's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just want to live while I'm alive." - Bon Jovi

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