Day 5: The Wedding


Reading is one of my favorite hobbies to do on a daily basis. There is not one particular author that I favorite the most, but Nicholas Sparks is definitely up there. Nicholas Sparks is known for writing romantic novels, with eight of them adapted into films. Recently, I started to read The Wedding, a novel he wrote in 2003. While this book was not adapted into a film, it was still just as good as the rest of his novels. With my busy schedule, I did not have the chance to read much, but today, I finally got the chance to sit down and finish the book.

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks can be described as a sequel to his previous novel, The Notebook. It describes the life of Noah and Allie’s daughter, Jane, and her husband, Wilson. It is the year of 2003 and Wilson had just forgotten his and his wife’s twenty-ninth anniversary the previous year. The Wedding revolves around the mystery plan that Wilson has planned for his thirtieth anniversary with Jane. However, throughout the entire novel, it is impossible to foresee the fact that everything that occurred had to do with the anniversary, until the ending.

I was bewildered by the novel, and by how much Wilson was willing to do to make up for that missed anniversary. He put everything on the line and his trust into everyone, hoping that in the end, everything would turn out just the way that he had planned. The ending shocked me just as well because I had no idea that all the previous events mentioned in the novel would end up affecting it. The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks is definitely a novel worth reading, especially for those who enjoy sappy love stories



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