Day 1: Dinosaurs


It is easy to find distractions during class. Some people find it easy to stare at a wall or doze away, while others amuse themselves by drawing or playing with objects. Well, there I was, sitting in the back of the classroom in math class. It was last period, and all I could think about was going home to sleep. Little did I know that my good friend sitting in front of me had dinosaur stamps…

The dinosaur stamps were nothing out of the ordinary. They were the classical stamps that teachers had in prize boxes, the cheap kinds that could be bought at the dollar store. However, that did not affect my face from exploding with happiness. The dinosaur stamps brought back memories of The Land Before Time and Dragon Tales, television shows that I grew up on. As difficult as it was to focus on the math lesson being taught, it became even more difficult to focus after my friend handed me her stamps. There were five, each a different color and species. I spent my time decorating my planner, while my other friend, who I was sitting next to, decided to make the dinosaurs invade just about all my math notes. It may not have been a productive math class, but it was definitely an enjoyable one.



About Tiffany Y.

Welcome to my Slice of Life Challenge! My name is Tiffany Y. and I love to listen to music, to eat food, and to travel. This blog is a challenge for me to post about a piece of what happens in my life every day. "It's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just want to live while I'm alive." - Bon Jovi

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